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Feb 27 2012

Smart Irrigation Controls Seminar

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Smart Irrigation Controls SeminarFebruary 2012 is marked as an important month here at FL-WET with our inaugural presentation of the Smart Irrigation Controls seminar, hosted at Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee.

The 4-hour course consisted of multiple presenters addressing water use issues, water conserving irrigation technologies and methods to provide positive impacts on these concerns. This presentation is geared towards field technicians as well as others who implement and maintain systems for residential, commercial and municipal properties. It covers a broad spectrum of new technology to fit any budget and produce a return on investment.

Smart Irrigation Controls Inaugural Class

Smart Irrigation Controls Seminar

Toho's boardroom was converted to a classroom and reached maximum capacity

Guest Speakers: Rodney Tilley, Jessica Sullivan, and Bill Graf

Speakers from the TWA, FYN & SFWMD

Speakers included our host, Rodney Tilley of the Toho Water Authority, Jessica Sullivan of the Osceola County Extension/FYN and Bill Graf of the South Florida Water Management District.

Break time aquifer demonstration courtesy of Bill Graf of South Florida Water Management District

Aquifer demonstration courtesy of Bill Graf of South Florida Water Management District

Bill Graf  offered the group a chance to stretch their legs while discussing Florida’s aquifer and the water concerns that effect our area. Consumption due to irrigation is recognized as the major source for reduction with over 7 billion gallons used daily throughout the USA each day. FL-WET is dedicated to providing positive impacts to these concerns, spreading the word that effective irrigation can provide beautiful landscapes with great benefits to our surrounding environment.

Judy Benson - FL-WET Founder

Judy Benson, Founder of FL-WET

The four hour course earned CEU’s for FNGLA members and wrapped up with an interactive Q&A session. We were interested in finding out what our guests thought about controllers they had personally used or installed, and several people offered their advice and opinions on individual units.

FL-WET provided working demos of several of the controller models included in the seminar with access to one-on-one discussions with  individuals interested in learning more about the units. With over 20 models and various types of technology covered, there was something new for everyone.



So What is a Smart Irrigation Controller?

If you want the full details you’ll have to sign up for one of our classes but here’s a snapshot view and a little information about what is included.

Soil Moisture Sensors

(Click to enlarge)

Smart controllers estimate or measure depletion of available plant soil moisture in order to operate an irrigation system, replenishing water as needed while minimizing excess water use. A properly programmed smart controller requires initial site specific set-up and will make irrigation schedule adjustments, including run times and required cycles, throughout the irrigation season without human intervention.

Smart Irrigation Controllers Display

Working demonstration units provide hands-on knowledge

Smart controllers are designed to operate with little to no human intervention, but that doesn’t mean you can just set it and forget it. If a smart controller is set up improperly the results it can generate may be no better than any basic controller and possibly cause damage to the landscape. That’s what we teach in our Smart Irrigation Controls seminar – attendees learn the pros and cons of each controller and receive instruction on how they operate, how to configure their programming, and general information on how these types of controls function.

Smart Irrigation Controls Seminar: One-on-one Training

One-on-one training

Also covered are best management practices for irrigation and landscapes.  Attendees learn proven overall management techniques to maximize the savings generated by these innovative devices.




But that’s not all!

Taking notes on the presentation handout

Attendees were provided with slide handouts for taking notes

Smart controls are only half the agenda. Also covered are general irrigation practices that reduce water usage, ensure proper coverage, prevent runoff, and promote healthy plant establishment and growth.

For more details, feel free to contact us – to schedule a seminar in your area or to find out more about what programs FL-WET has to offer. FL-WET provides information sessions for a wide range of  participants including  property managers and maintenance personnel, irrigation contractors, municipal and utility staff. We can provide hands-on workshops and seminars for DIY’ers and residential property owners.

We’re passionate about conserving and protecting Florida’s water resources —
we’re FL-WET.



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  1. Jake Finley says:

    On a personal note, I took the photos for this event and I have to say it was a pleasure to be able to sit in on such an informative class. Since I’m not an irrigation professional myself I’m always trying to pick up more info on the subject to be better able to do my job and interact with those around me. Being able to attend this class was a big help, but it also reminded me of just how staggeringly much information Judy carries around in her head that she can speak for four hours on a minuscule fraction of her area of expertise. Even more impressive however, is that she can make it interesting even to someone like me (who had absolutely no knowledge of irrigation before becoming her web designer, nor any desire to learn). I spend half my time listening to her fascinated by what she’s saying, and the other half fascinated that I find it so interesting!

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