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Judith Benson, Founder

I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratiutude to each of you for your interest in FL-WET’s endeavors. Without this and your support – our efforts may not succeed.

Years ago I received good career advice from my father – find something that interests you and that people can’t live without. Although the path I chose may appear indirect, it has always revolved around water. I realized that this resource surrounds us and is incorporated into each element of our lives.

After a successful career in industrial fluid-handling and relocating to Central Florida, I created a small business  providing services including water wells, water treatment and irrigation systems. I focused the company’s efforts to include educational elements during each service provided with the intent of improving the quality of water consumed indoors, reducing consumption outdoors while decreasing the negative impacts in the local environment…our home.

This experience has offered countless opportunities to work with all sectors included in our area – government, corporations and the community. It is within these forums that I have realized many of us understand we must find methods to alter our behavior, and possibly, our value of water. Individuals share with me their concerns of water use and the effects on the environment. Contractors are seeking credible information for themselves and their employees. Corporations are strategically targeting water efficiency. Environmentally-minded groups are calling for clean water in Florida.  Officials explain at times they feel helpless in altering behavior and reducing impacts in all aspects of water within the state.

These are the reasons I believe that I must broaden attempts to increase assistance to this great state, expanding educational opportunities for contractors, the public, corporate and government staff. I strongly feel that if we engage each facet of our community we can accomplish much – together.

I welcome your inquiry, engagement and encourage you to become involved by attending an event, volunteering your time or contributing a financial donation.


Judith Benson


About Judith…

Judith Benson began her career in the fluid handling industry in 1981. Her positions with corporations such as Pumps, Parts & Services and Hughes Supply included technical sales of industrial, municipal and residential water systems.

Judith founded Clear Water Products & Services Inc.(Clear Water PSI) in 1997, a contracting and consulting firm providing irrigation, water well and water treatment systems. Clients span from residential and commercial services to education and outreach programs for water purveyors and state regulators. For their efforts, Judith and her company have received local, state and national recognition for their accomplishments including Orange County Utilities’ B.E.S.T. Partners (2009 & 2010), St. Johns River Water Management District’s 2010 Bob Owens’ Award (the first irrigator to receive this prestigious award) and EPA’s 2010 WaterSense Partner of the Year.

Judith’s participation with FL-WET is to expand the focus on water use efficiency in Florida and to improve awareness and increase the appreciation of water. In the forefront – landscape irrigation – estimated to be installed on 70% of Florida’s urban residential and commercial properties.

State of Florida Licensed CEU Provider
SJRWMD Florida Water Star Accredited Professional Instructor
Forester University Faculty Member
Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) Instructor

Irrigation Specialist
Water Treatment Contractor

Irrigation Contractor
Irrigation Designer
Irrigation & Landscape Auditor
Irrigation Site Manager
Master Gardener
Florida Water Star Accredited Professional
EPA WaterSense New Homes