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Jan 07 2012

Welcome to FL-WET.org

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FL-WET is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness of Florida’s water issues, quality and use. We work with local governments, companies, and private citizens to encourage good water conservation practices at all levels of society. Visit our Events Calendar to see upcoming events and classes hosted by FL-WET and it’s affiliates, also listed is registration information should you wish to attend such an event yourself (or sponsor one in your area!). Volunteer opportunities are also available from time to time.


Jul 09 2014

Ask your lawn maintenance or sprinkler contractor to join us – August 13-15, 2014

QWEL Certification Training – Wekiva Island Longwood 08-13-201


We are fortunate to be holding our inaugural session at the beautiful Barr Educational Center @ Wekiva Island in Longwood. This venue provides great ammenities in a relaxing atmosphere that offers a gentle reminder as to why this education is essential to our area. Come spend some time with us on the Wekiva River.

Why QWEL? 

As a voluntary participation program, QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) is for anyone who works in the landscape industry – even in your backyard.

Why certification?

Nearly 80% of Florida’s properties have an irrigation system. Approximately 60% of those over-water their landscapes.

Most service providers have had minimal formal training due to limited access. These individuals are responsible for managing millions (if not billions) of gallons of water daily. QWEL is a comprehensive training program that enhances basic and advanced kknowledge to improve outdoor water efficency.

You’ve heard it in the news, we’re over-using the state’s water supplies. We’re adding fertilizer and other chemicals routinely into the water sheds. We are effecting our drinking water supply,  the environment and our oceans. Not only today, but seriously effecting the water supplies of future generations.

The data included in QWEL can be part of the solution.

It costs money? 

Yes, basically $10.00 per hour. We hope this is considered a reasonable investment in any individual’s future.

Scholarships can be arranged by donation, please contact us via phone or email for more details. Does your neighbor use the same service? Ask them to participate in the donation. All should see a return on their investment by reduced water use and lower landscape maintenance or replacement costs.

Seats are limited…

Seminars completed by our experts typically fill to near maximum capacity. Register by August 3, 2014 to help insure availability.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of help. Your support and participation in our efforts are truly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Sep 25 2012

Water Conservation Master Class Series Live Webinar

Be a part of the Water Conservation Master Class Series

Hosted by Forester University, UF-TREEO and Water Efficiency Magazine

Join EPA WaterSense 2010 Irrigation Partner of the Year, Judith Benson for Grow Green. Save Blue. – Optimizing Outdoor Water Conservation, the first session in our 4-session Water Conservation Master Class Series.

Begins October 9th!

Read More: www.waterefficiency.net

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May 17 2012

Smart Irrigation Seminar Video Excerpt – Controller Add-ons

We video taped the Smart Irrigation Controls Seminar held at the Toho Water Authority. Now we are releasing excerpts of the presentation to the public through YouTube. These excerpts are intended to give a preview of the topics covered for those considering attending a future class, as well as those interested in hosting a class in their area. The first video is embedded below, and the rest will be published periodically going forward.

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Apr 02 2012

Seminar Excerpt – Water Efficiency in Landscaping & Irrigation

Before founding FL-WET, Judy Benson gave educational seminars to homeowners and other contractors under the name of her irrigation contracting & consulting company, Clear Water PSI. FL-WET inherited most of Clear Water’s educational material upon it’s founding, such as this water efficiency seminar given to Orange County residents.

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Apr 02 2012

Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) Course

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FL-WET offers a number of classes targeted toward Irrigation Professionals. Our Certified Irrigation Contractor Course was written by our Founder, Judy Benson, to help educate fellow contractors and assist them pass the written exam to become a Certified Irrigation Contractor.

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Apr 02 2012

Synthetic Turf Temperature Comparison Video

This video, filmed Dr. Jason Kruse on the University of Florida campus, shows the differences in temperature between natural and synthetic turf, as well as a comparison of both to concrete and asphalt. You may be surprised at the results.

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Apr 02 2012

THIRST PowerPoint

The popular THIRST presentation was created by Jeff Brenman, and is our most widely commented on external media. In 2008 THIRST won first place in the World’s Best Presentation Contest on SlideShare.net.

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Mar 09 2012

Smart Irrigation Controls – The Results Are In!

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Rodney Tilley of the Toho Water Authority asking a question at the first Smart Irrigation Controls seminarThe results of our participant survey of the recent Smart Irrigation Controls class have been tallied. We asked attendees to rate the class on several points, including the speaker, presentation, and the demonstration items used. We also wanted to know what people thought about the difficulty and relevance of the class – did we do a good job conveying the subject matter and did we target our audience’s interests accurately?

We are happy to say that the results were overwhelmingly positive! However, while this feedback did let us know that the attendees were pleased with the class it also shows us where we can still improve. See the detailed results and our interpretation of the data below.

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Feb 27 2012

Smart Irrigation Controls Seminar

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Smart Irrigation Controls SeminarFebruary 2012 is marked as an important month here at FL-WET with our inaugural presentation of the Smart Irrigation Controls seminar, hosted at Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee.

The 4-hour course consisted of multiple presenters addressing water use issues, water conserving irrigation technologies and methods to provide positive impacts on these concerns. This presentation is geared towards field technicians as well as others who implement and maintain systems for residential, commercial and municipal properties. It covers a broad spectrum of new technology to fit any budget and produce a return on investment.

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